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What We Do

From strategy to implementation, we deliver technological solutions that drive transformation, improve productivity and streamline global operations. Our practical, innovative solutions are linked to measurable goals to help you achieve a competitive advantage.

Consulting Services

Data Products provides a wide range of services that deals with data, business intelligence and analytics consulting.

Technology Solutions

Data Products applications provide an inventory of solutions that can be leveraged for immediate and affordable high-impact results.

Government Contracting

Data Products offers a range of solutions applicable to the energy sector, security, health care, and countless other fields.

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Who We Are

Data Products specializes in the design and development of optimization software systems for data-centric organizations or those trying to become data-centric. We create dynamic solutions for organizations focusing especially on operation improvement within complex problem domains. We are headquartered in Chicago.


1000 N Lake Shore Dr
Chicago, Illinois 60611

IIT Technology Tower
10 W. 35TH Street
Chicago, IL 60616



(312) 567-8844


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