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digital world ethics

09.11.2023 Executive Data Bytes – Ethics in the Digital World

September 11, 2023

This comprehensive guide examines digital ethics from a variety of perspectives- its definition, the subjective aspect that is sometimes attributed to it, and practical solutions for managing ethical problems in the workplace. It highlights the complexities, challenges, and solutions that can help you navigate the ethical terrain of the digital age as businesses contend with complex ethical dilemmas associated to technology.

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super apps

09.05.2023 Executive Data Bytes – How Super Are Super Apps?

September 5, 2023

In this issue of “Executive Data Bytes”, we look at top artificial intelligence and data management approaches that help small businesses drive growth and success in the digital age.

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car technology

08.28.2023 Executive Data Bytes – Tech is Going VROOM

August 28, 2023

“Tech is Going VROOM” sets us on a journey of tech discover. Unearthing the evolution of car technology, breaking down obstacles, and mapping a road toward a future in which innovation and automobiles merge in unforeseen ways.

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08.21.2023 Executive Data Bytes – Why Do We Need Blockchain?

August 21, 2023

This feature will help with the understanding of what the blockchain is, its components, and its application. More importantly – its potential to revolutionize society as we know it.

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Navigating the Metaverse

08.14.2023 Executive Data Bytes – Navigating the Metaverse: A Lasting Evolution or Fleeting Trend?

August 14, 2023

Real-world examples of Metaverse: Facebook Horizon, Fortnite’s virtual concerts, Second Life and The Sandbox. Let’s fast forward to 2040 – what can we expect from the Metaverse? Read about it here!

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08.07.2023 Executive Data Bytes – How To Demonstrate Value As A CDO/CDAO

August 7, 2023

CDOs and CDAOs encounter a special set of challenges in their quest for success, from hazy role definitions to the speed of technological change. We explore the complexity of these problems and offer suggestions for how these data leaders can deal with them, reevaluate their responsibilities, and realize the full potential of data-driven transformation.

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