Data Literacy and Corporate

Meet evolving business needs and give workers skills required to rise to new heights. 79% of executives report they are concerned about the lack of availability of resources with key skill sets.


A critical piece of the data transformation objective includes data literacy. Research underscores the need for improvement in this sector with 56% of HR professionals describing their organizations’ skills gap as moderate to severe. When success comes down to how people use information, it’s important to have an organization where employees understand how to embrace and use data to drive their decisions, processes, models, and workflows. Data is the “oil” in the big data economy. Yet, a lack of data literacy can lead to five days of lost productivity, per employee, per year – equating to billions of dollars in lost productivity. Not to mention, hiring and retaining an on-site data scientist can be cost-prohibitive. Our service offers data literacy training to business units and provides business insight communication training to technologists. We provide hands-on training by working side-by-side with your teams to upskill your employees with data-related competencies. As a result, you can transform your business and your culture while bringing data literacy to everyone.

Our skilled instructors will work with your team to learn how to read, analyze, and communicate with data. We also train groups in a variety of different technology solutions. Call or email today to receive a quote for a custom package. We offer remote training for groups of all sizes and on-site training for groups of 20 or more. Our hands-on courses vary from one-time workshops to a multi-course curriculum depending on your goals. We are also available to create training manuals upon request.
What is Data Literacy?

A recent Deloitte survey states that a staggering 67% of executives are not comfortable accessing or using data. A treasure-trove of information and potential insights are waiting in your company’s cache of documents, social media reports, website analytics, financial records, and other repositories. Data literacy is learning how to work with and analyze data. This can be as simple as learning the right questions to ask, building knowledge, and communicating effectively with other team members.

Why Should We Invest in Data Literacy for Our Team?

Data literacy is no longer a luxury in a world of endless data – it is an absolute necessity. Current research shows that large enterprises with strong corporate data literacy have seen up to 5% higher enterprise value (a figure of $320 to $534 million). Transforming into a data-driven organization will create more data literate employees who are able to work more effectively to create a competitive edge.

Data Literacy Training

We offer data literacy training to individuals and groups. Take our online assessment to see where you rank and whether you would benefit from our Data Literacy Fundamentals course. In early 2022, we will begin offering virtual courses for professionals looking to review data literacy fundamentals at their own pace. We also offer tailored data literacy training virtually or in person. Contact us at to learn more.

How We Work?
Customized workshops
Determine which training program makes sense for your team and organization. We’ll work with you to set goals to help them through data literacy.
CIO and Line of Business Leader Advisory on Data Strategy, Data Governance, and Monetization Strategy
Our senior strategists work with leaders within the organization to help them think in a more data-driven way and leverage their data assets to drive value.
Let us co-work on engagements with your resources as part of our team. Our team will help you work on engagement projects to a direct skills transfer. The goal is to empower your team and organization to learn how to do data analysis independently.
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