Success Story

Elevating Leadership AI and Data Literacy in a Mid-Size Community Healthcare Organization


Executive Summary
In an era where Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are transforming healthcare, Thresholds; a mid-size community health organization, recognized the need to enhance AI and Data Literacy among its Leaders and Executives. The primary business problem was the existing gap in understanding and leveraging AI and Data Analytics to improve patient outcomes, operational efficiency, and strategic decision-making. This case study outlines the challenges faced, the solution implemented, and the quantifiable impact of delivering a targeted literacy workshop.

Improving Lives Through Data & AI

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The Situation

Business Problem

Thresholds noticed a growing disconnect between the rapid advancements in AI & Data Analytics technologies and the ability of its leadership to understand and apply these tools effectively. This gap hindered Thresholds’ ability to adopt innovative solutions for enhancing patient outcomes, optimizing resource allocation, and proactively responding to healthcare trends. The lack of AI & Data Literacy was identified as a critical barrier to strategic growth and competitive positioning in the healthcare sector.

The Challenge

The challenge was twofold: first, to design an engaging and effective literacy program tailored to the needs of Leaders and Executives with varied levels of prior exposure to AI & Data concepts. And second, to ensure that the program could lead to practical, actionable insights that participants could apply within their roles. Another significant challenge was measuring the impact of the literacy program in a quantifiable manner that could demonstrate a return on investment to stakeholders.

The Solution

We developed and implemented a comprehensive AI and Data Literacy Workshop tailored for Thresholds’ Leaders and Executives to address these challenges.

The workshop was structured around three core components:

Foundational Knowledge: Introduction to key AI and Data Analytics concepts, tailored to nontechnical audiences. This established a common understanding across leadership roles.

Industry Applications: Case studies fromwithin the healthcare sector and beyond showcase successful AI and Data Analytics applications for solving complex problems.

Hands-On Sessions: Interactive sessions where participants worked to solve challenges and opportunities they identified within their organization, guided by workshop facilitators. This session covered strategy, implementation, and governance.


The literacy workshop led to significant, measurable impacts within six months of its conclusion:

of participants reported an increased confidence in using data and AI insights for strategic decision making, leading to more informed and effective leadership

Projects initiated by workshop participants leveraged AI and data analytics to streamline operations

reduction in administrative costs

improvement in patient scheduling and resource allocation processes

Increase in leadership’s willingness to invest in AI and Data analytics projects

Signaling a transformative shift in organizational culture toward embracing technology-driven solutions


The AI and Data Literacy Workshop for Thresholds’ Leaders and Executives successfully bridged the knowledge gap, enabling leadership to harness the potential of AI and Data Analytics. The program not only enhanced individual competencies but also catalyzed a cultural shift towards data-driven decision-making and innovation. This case study demonstrates the critical role of targeted educational initiatives in unlocking the transformative power of AI and Data Analytics.