Introduction to Data Management for Nonprofits

March 10, 2020

Anyone in the industry can tell you that nonprofits have to manage an enormous amount of data: donor information, attendance records by event, financial information, and any number of other areas. Oftentimes, nonprofits are working with limited budgets that prohibit them from using sophisticated software to manage this data or have support staff that are not specifically trained in managing or integrating data.

Join us for a short webinar with helpful tips on how to plan a more strategic approach to collecting, managing, and integrating this information. Do you currently have stacks of handwritten records tracking attendance to your events or recording fundraiser sales? Or perhaps you’ve recently started using donor management software but aren’t quite sure how to make the most of it? Our Data Products team will present an introduction to managing event attendance information, integrating event registration software with donor management software, pulling data for targeted fundraising campaigns, and other topics relevant to nonprofit professionals.