DataYap Virtual Conference Highlights

April 29, 2021

Last week’s DataYap Virtual Conference united experts across the technology space to present some of the latest ideas in the field of data science. With themes ranging from the application of data analytics in an evolving market to the methodology of improving business techniques with data, the array of speakers shared invaluable insights as to how and why data science is a revolutionary field. 

In the modern era of technology, working with data requires businesses to keep up with ever-evolving practices. If you had told someone fifteen years ago that a hashtag on twitter had the potential to garner millions of new customers for a company, they probably would have responded with something along the lines of “what’s a hashtag?” The new question for today is: how can hashtags drive engagement and how can you learn more about potential customers? Enter the need for an accelerated study of data analytics. With the unmatched potential of data sciences, companies small and large are flocking to learn and grow with the times. DataYap’s keynote speaker, Dr. Kirk Borne, presented approaches for streamlining data science by simply annotating data. Similar to Dr. Borne, Dr. Troy Hernandez gave an in depth presentation on tools that will efficiently facilitate web creation. This information regarding the future of data science is a priceless resource, for in order to effectively use data, businesses need a robust understanding of how the field is changing and how to keep up. In addition to new strategies and practices, the DataYap conference gave audiences a hands-on opportunity to leverage tools like ElasticSearch and an essential data ModelOps framework for businesses to leverage data in new and innovative ways. 

Beyond business uses, Dr. David Bader and Dr. Tanya Berger-Wolf demonstrated how data science can tackle problems on the world stage. The COVID-19 pandemic and climate change crisis present new opportunities for study in the field of data and have untold benefits.. As the world evolves and we face problems never before seen, data is a driving force in discovering new solutions. From saving animal populations on the brink of extinction to ensuring cybersecurity in future elections, global challenges now require modern solutions. International crises aside, imagine a world in which you could go to the DMV completely online – sounds like a pipe dream, right? With emerging applications of data science, our days of waiting six hours to renew a license may be coming to an end.

As we look to the future of data science, there will always be challenges and obstacles to face. The question of data security and privacy are looming concepts that are difficult both to define and navigate, showcasing the importance of creating a dialogue on the matter. Debbie Reynolds, commonly known as the Data Diva, presented the guiding themes and principles surrounding data science and AI privacy – another invaluable conversation for businesses. What’s the line from that Spiderman movie? With great power comes great responsibility? Data contains vast potential and should be treated as such, with caution and accountability at the forefront of the work. 

Beyond the discussion of modern strategies and technologies, the conference featured panels that acknowledged the topics of diversity, inclusion, and equity as well as education and the future of work in the field of data science. With the evolving nature of social justice, these topics have a need for prioritization, specifically in IT. Reports show that minorities and women are still underrepresented in the technology space, which makes it all the more vital to have open conversations to tackle these challenges. To strive for diversity and inclusion is to take a step towards positive change in classrooms and boardrooms alike.

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