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Data Literacy and Corporate Training

Meet evolving business needs and give workers skills required to rise to new heights. 79% of executives report they are concerned about the lack of availability of resources with key skill sets.

A critical piece of the data transformation objective includes data literacy. Research underscores the need for improvement in this sector with 56% of HR professionals describing their organizations’ skills gap as moderate to severe. When success comes down to how people use information, it’s important to have an organization where employees understand how to embrace and use data to drive their decisions, processes, models, and workflows. Data is the “oil” in the big data economy. Yet, a lack of data literacy can lead to five days of lost productivity, per employee, per year – equating to billions of dollars in lost productivity. Not to mention, hiring and retaining an on-site data scientist can be cost-prohibitive. Our service offers data literacy training to business units and provides business insight communication training to technologists. We provide hands-on training by working side-by-side with your teams to upskill your employees with data-related competencies. As a result, you can transform your business and your culture while bringing data literacy to everyone.

How We Help

Sales and Marketing

Optimize your sales by retraining employees on the latest customer management solutions.


Learn how to integrate your customer management systems, inventory records, financial records, and other data to perform at your peak.

Cost Transformation

Retrain your staff to be able to track the average amount of spend, and reduce indirect costs. A technologically savvy team can use data to form the right questions around where resources can be better spent. 1


Gain the skills you need toe Engage in ongoing process improvements driven by data insights.

Customer Experience

Learn how to critically assess graphical representations of consumer preferences and purchasing habits to keep customers engaged and happy.


Learn how to identify the right opportunities for making better decision and utilize data for improving strategic value.

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