Data Bytes for January 2023

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This month we’re yapping about data, upgrading those dashboards, and talking jamstack in the latest episode of Data Simplified. Read more for details…

data processing

01.30.2023 Executive Data Bytes – Ushering in the new era of processing data


01.23.2023 Executive Data Bytes – ChatGPT is tipping the AI scale: Which way are you leaning?

Apache Kafka

Understanding the Architecture of Apache Kafka

Photo by Evgeniy Surzhan on Unsplash Apache Kafka is a distributed streaming platform for developing real-time data pipelines and streaming...
Stream Processing

Introduction To Stateful Stream Processing

Photo by Mahmud Ahsan on Unsplash Stateful stream processing is a type of computing that involves processing a continuous stream of...

01.09.2023 Executive Data Bytes – Investing in IoT for a better tomorrow

Strange Bytes…

Ever wonder why Brazil nuts always seem to find their way to the top of the bag (or is that just me? ) Well, scientists used the power of time-lapse 3D imagery to solve this-old age mystery for late night snackers.

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