Data Bytes for August 2022

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This month we’re yapping about data, upgrading those dashboards, and talking jamstack in the latest episode of Data Simplified. Read more for details…

data literacy

08.29.2022 Executive Data Bytes – Embracing Data Literacy and Its Culture

data insight

08.22.2022 Executive Data Bytes – Deriving business insights and making sound decisions based on findings

data fabric

08.15.2022 Executive Data Bytes – Data Fabric: What it is, Why it is, And Do You Need It

ai project

08.08.2022 Executive Data Bytes – ‘Who’s ON First?’​ – Prioritizing your AI projects for success

AI Automation

08.01.22 Executive Data Bytes – How do you invest in AI and automation? And… is it for you?

Strange Bytes…

Ever wonder why Brazil nuts always seem to find their way to the top of the bag (or is that just me? ) Well, scientists used the power of time-lapse 3D imagery to solve this-old age mystery for late night snackers.

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