10 Ways to Improve Your Data Literacy Skills

1 Understand Your Why

Why is it important to upskill? Your data competency is your North Star guiding your literacy efforts.

2 What's Your Data IQ?TM

Assess where you are to set a baseline.

3 Map Your Journey

Define a maturity level that works for you and create a blueprint on how to get there. Data Literacy is not a one-size fits all and it is a contiuous improvement process.

4 Train

Leverage training opportunities through employer programs to move along your roadmap. If not available, advocate for the training to be developed and/or leverage external programs.

5 Find Your Tribe

Join a Community of like-minded professionals that provides support and group intelligence to accelerate your data literacy maturity while providing practice opporunities.

6 Get a Data Mentor

Get a data literate mentor that is willing to guide, challenge and provide opportunities to flex your data literate muscle. Someone who bases their actions on solid information, not just gut feelings.

7 Ask Questions

Learning to ask the right question is at the heart of getting better intelligence. Ask yourself: “Where has this data ceom from?”, “Is this data valid?”, “Is this data biased?”

8 Communication is Key

A critical skill is determining success in your career is your ability to communicate effectively. This includes effectively communicating with data.

9 Don't Become Data Obsessed

Everything in moderation, including moderation. Your subject matter expertise and instinct should not be completely ignored.

10 Be Uncomfortable & Do It Anyways!

Find a way to take the fear out of data and to make it part of your working life.